Course curriculum

This course includes video instruction, reflective writing, and background readings. The expected completion time is two hours, earning you 2 CTLE credits.

    1. Equity 1-1

    2. Reflective Writing Opener

    3. equity 1-2

    4. Reflective Writing: The Problem

    5. equity 1-3

    6. Reflective Writing: Video Segment

    7. equity 1-4

    8. Read more about George Floyd's murder

    9. equity 1-5

    10. Read more about systemic racism

    11. Reflective Writing: Systemic Racism

    12. equity 1-6

    13. Reflective Writing: The Pain (pre-writing)

    14. equity 1-7

    15. Reflective Writing: The Pain (after watching)

    16. equity 1-8

    17. Reflective Writing: Housing Inequity; Background Reading: My Brother's Keeper

    18. equity 1-9

    19. equity 1-10

    20. Background Reading and Reflective Writing: Housing

    21. equity 1-11

    22. Background Reading: Basic Needs Inequality

    23. equity 1-12

    24. Background Reading: Closing the Opportunity Gap

    25. equity 1-13

    26. Writing: Taking Action

    27. equity 1-14

This course earns you 2 CTLE credits

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Defining US: Equity Learning Series

In partnership with CWK Network

The Defining US Learning Series is designed to provide a deeper awareness and analysis of all topics covered in each of the Defining US documentary’s six (6) segments: The Problem, The Pain, The Potential, The Purpose, The Power, and The Promise. The series focuses on how education, both traditional and non-traditional, can play a pivotal role in developing pathways and solutions to the social issues that make us most human: race, gender, identity, mental health and more. Our self-paced courses expand learning beyond the walls of schools and organizations to bring crucial conversations to the leaders, educators, and organizations that matter. The course includes three (3) modules of interactive learning experiences taking learners through each of the film’s six (6), in-depth segments as videos featuring subject matter experts and youth testimonials. Users will experience active participation through both the videos and text learning experiences with time to reflect, journal and action plan.

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Dr. Kim Adams


Dr. Kim E. Adams is a passionate, experienced educator, specializing in leadership, partnership development, and communication strategies beneficial to education and other fields of practice. She began her career as an Early Childhood teacher and expanded her reach to teaching middle school and high school students. With a heart for service, she became a United Federation of Teachers award-winning union leader supporting her colleagues for several years. Dr. Adams enriched her career and became an Education Administrator with the Central Department of Education supporting the development of policies, innovative programs, education management, and engagement with various diverse families and communities across New York City. Dr. Adams led a team as the Executive Director of Family and Community Engagement and Strategic Partnership Development during the critical time of NYC's Pre-K for All citywide expansion. Dr. Adams has a proven record of excellence in supervising administrators and teachers, engaging diverse populations in public and private settings located in urban and suburban environments, and demonstrating expertise in culturally responsive pedagogy. Dr. Adams has a passion for mentoring the next generation of leaders. She coaches undergraduate and graduate students in secondary education. In addition to her professional life, Dr. Adams is well known in her community and has successfully provided leadership in various community and nonprofit organizations at national, regional, and local levels. Dr. Adams is a wife and mother of two wonderful humans. Her philosophy is aligned with Mr. Rogers who stated, “Try your best to make goodness attractive. That’s one of the toughest assignments you’ll ever be given.”

Teachers and School Leaders, Earn CTLE Hours